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Our Core Values

We, the Moi Girls Secondary School, in pursuit of excellence, cherish the following core values

1. Godliness

he school is founded on Christian faith, which upholds the God-fearing spirit.

2. Integrity

We advocate for moral uprightness, truthfulness and accountability of one’s action

3. Respect

We strive to respond to all that needs our attention with total regard for those in authority.

4. Teamwork

We embrace cooperation and coordination in working for the success of our school

5. Self Drive

We endeavor to all the tasks without being supervised

Our Mandate

  1. To provide conducive environment where quality teaching and learning takes place
  2. To prepare and involve learners in cp-curricular activities for molding their abilities and competences
  3. To prepare the learner morally and spiritually so as to fit in the society
  4. To provide and maintain appropriate institutional resources and learner friendly services
  5. To provide trust through professional courtesy, fair treatment and shared decision making
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