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Moi Girls Kamusinga has a unique system of leadership characterized mainly by student leadership. Under the leadership of our school president, who we strongly believe in, we are delighted to proudly say that we are achievers. We have aunique leadership of our own and the teamwork embodied in us makes us do our daily duties as prefects alongside our driving motto Self Drive For Excellence.

Being the link between students and the administration we try as much as possible to serve our fellow students to our level best .As a leader, you have to be unique, to be different from others to be counted out in many. The way we carry ourselves speaks a lot about us as students. We have the duty to depict good role models to our lower forms.

Since our main purpose here in Moi Girls Kamusinga is mainly to excel in exams, we also put in mind not to neglect our duties and responsibilities as students’ leaders. We strive to be role models before our fellow students on how we carry ourselves and perform our duties. This is a good aspect of leadership in our beloved school and it makes us assist the administration in running the school to the best heights.

When the day breaks, the house prefects ensure that all the students wake up on good time and do their duties effectively. Those with house cleaning duties do them before going for breakfastranging from classrooms to dormitories, we ensure cleanliness is put into consideration, no noise making in classes and that fellow students are able to follow the school routine appropriately

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